MiG B had greater plans on creation new, much more powerful, variants of iG-29 fighter. This program had designation iG-29 and had three stages of realization. Basic MiG-29A had one lack - small range of flight. The fighter could fly on range of 2500 km that was even less than range of American fighter F-16A.


The empty weight and volume of internal fuel of warplanes, especially fighters, is one of the important military secrets in Soviet Union. This tradition continues to be kept and in Russia though not so it is strong as in the USSR. Today we shall consider Russian iG-29K/KUB carrier-based fighter in comparison with American F/A-18E/F.

          On May, 9th in Moscow the lead military parade on the Red Area continues to draw the big attention of the western press. For the first time for 17 years modern arms have been shown. The modern military systems has passed on the Red Area which has made different impression upon observers.


        The Sensation. The PAK FA program is closed? article have been published in Military Parity has caused the big interest of experts and fans of military aviation. The material has been placed, how much we know, in five Russians and two foreign military forums where constructive discussions took place. The main question stood so: whether there was a child? (Russian statement meaning - whether there was such clause in general, or it is disinformation?



     The defencetalk.com is published the information from RIA Novosti (on April, 12). In it by lips Zelin general, Russian Air Force The commander-in-chief is informed, that the Russian Air Force refuse of development the PAK FA 5th generation fighter program. But this news is not present in the Russian version RIA Novosti. What is?

On April, 29th the new u-160 have been delivered to 121-st Guards Aviation Sevastopol Red Flag heavy bomber regiment. The bomber with onboard number 08 has received own name Vitaly Kopylov. This u-160 became 16-th strategic bomber of the given type in the Russian Long-Range Aviation.


      New models of the Russian weapon, which development has stopped owing to shortage of financing, have anyhow appeared in other states and are accepted on arms. Especially in the aviation. Of course, that the leader re-developing is wise East Monkey - China.  


      Certainly, the basic news of the aviation-space exhibition MAKS-2007 which has been last in Moscow in the summer, 2007, was for the first time shown Su-35 a multi-purpose fighter which should replace Su-27 the basic Russian fighters, including delivered on export.



      So has coincided, that the decision about development and construction of new generation aircraft carrier for the Russian Navy was accepted before opening International Naval Salon-2007 in St.-Petersburg. Certainly, Military Parity very much is interested in this theme.



       Sevmash ship-building plant (Severnoe mashinostroitelnoe predpriyatie - Northern machine-building plant - the leader of nuclear shipbuilding of Russia) at the stand has exposed a collage from three images - in the bottom of photo Admiral Gorshkov heavy air-carrier cruiser, turning in Vikramaditya Indians air carrier, above - the image modernized Gorshkov with an inscription the Multi-purpose aircraft carrier - the optimum decision of problems of fleet in ocean and distant sea zones in peace and a wartime, and on the top - figure of a perspective aircraft carrier of the Navy of Russia and a word Perspective designing and construction of an aircraft carrier.   


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